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꧁꧂۞End of the Line۞꧁꧂

All life ends and yours just did. After Judgement you find yourself in a Train bound to Hell.
But that's not your stop, not if you have something to say about.

Embark on a journey to reach Heaven. Shoot your way through the Deadly Sins and move up the Train to reach the ultimate goal.

End of the Line is a gothic-occult 3rd person action-shooter inspired on game such as Capcom's Devil May Cry and FromSoftware's Bloodborn. Shoot your way through hords of enemies and puzzles to unlock the next train car until you reach the one which will open it's doors to Heaven.

All stages of development will be available to play-test for free. Please DOWNLOAD at the bottom of the Page

The use of a controller is highly recommended at this stage of the project, but there is minimal keyboard support! Please feel free to give it a try!

۞ End of the Line is in active development - Join us through the journey of making a fully playable level with frequent updates! ۞

End of the Line is Team Fenris's Vertical Slice project - We are working full time in order to have a fully playable demo level by June. Every few weeks we will update our game with our progress. All updates a completely free! Stay tuned!

۞Feedback is an essential part throughout the development!۞ 

We are absolutely open to any and all kinds of feedback! Love it? Hate it? Wish it had hotdogs in it? Let us know!

Please give use some feedback in the link below to help us with the development of the project :

۞Meet the Team!۞
Angelos Motso - Project Manager; Audio Designer

Angeli Toptsou, Eva - 3D Environment Graphics and Concepts

Cristiana de Lacerda - 3D Character Designer and Concepts

Jesper Persson - Programming 

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۞Did I mention Feedback is important to us?۞


꧁꧂۞۞Thank you for the support۞۞꧁꧂


2020-04-14 - First Release!
Welcome to End of the Line! We show off the main location of the game - a moving train through hell (Which right now is just a white room with boxes!).  You can try the game's shooting mechanic, take a look at some of our animations and give us some feedback about the feeling invoked by being inside the room.

2020-05-06 - First Room!

In this iteration ( v0.2), we showcase the firs train cart with finished models and textures instead of the previous white room with boxes. You can try the shooting mechanics as the main character in this iteration, together with added animations.

2020-05-22 - Enemies and more Rooms!

EndOfTheLine v0.3 has modeled enemies made out of shards that will slowly crawl towards you.  Fight these enemies, and go through tunnel mirrors in order to experience different rooms where each one looks and feels different from the other one.

2020-05-31 - GGC Game Jam Submission!

EndOfTheLine v0.41 is submitted for the GGC Game Jam. This version offers some gameplay bug fixes, a spawn mechanic for the enemies, Even more Rooms!!! and fully connected rooms. We hope you enjoy this version as this version spots the end of our Vertical Slice Course. We will still work on the project, seeing that the game is not at the state that we want it to be, and we would love the game to grow even further.


EndOfTheLineV0.41.rar 544 MB


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I think I missed a couple of updates, but this latest one is so cool. I really liked the environments and the sound design.

Were you all thinking of adding a dodge feature or maybe a double jump? There were a couple of times the enemy backed me into a corner and I struggled to get out.

I also wanted to mention the pacing of the game's action. I'm not sure what you all are going for but I found it a bit slow and there lacked difficulty.

Overall, I really like what you all are doing and am excited to play future releases!

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How do I shoot the enemies?? I just keep dying



I love the concept of this game and can't wait to play future releases. The akimbo gun style just seems like it's going to be epic. Best of luck!